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Luxury Egypt Holidays

The land of the Pharaohs and the Nile Delta is somewhere that once visited is never forgotten. Famous for its ancient history, Egypt is also the ideal luxury destination for those looking for water sport opportunities, from diving to snorkelling, or simply for those looking for the modern resort. The underwater flora and fauna are something special, with 1,000 species of fish in the Red Sea and 150 species of coral. To see these beautiful life forms in the deep blue of Egyptian waters is an unforgettable experience. No mention of Egypt can ignore its rich history - the Sphinx and the Pyramids are the zenith of Egypt’s treasury of ancient ruins. If visiting Sharm El Sheikh - the City of Peace - why not enjoy close contact with the Egyptians’ favourite beast by taking a camel safari? All in all, Egypt offers a rich tapestry of unforgettable experiences and culture – it will be an unforgettable holiday.




Egypt is known for its all year round good weather. While the weather is very varied, its winter is never as cold as a European winter. Summer is from June to August and is satisfyingly hot

- up to 100 degrees Fahrenheit. Rain is rarely an issue for summer holidays here as, on the whole, it rains in winter!


Who goes here?


Egypt is the sort of place those looking for a life experience go – with its history, water flora and fauna and its camel rides, it is a special sort of holiday. We can provide these rich experiences in luxury. Egypt caters for both recreational and technical diving. Those interested in history will be especially gripped by the ancient ruins. The beautiful weather is ideal for those wanting a relaxing holiday enjoying sunny and hot weather.   


Egypt Essential Facts

Currency: Egyptian Pound
Flights Time: 5 Hours
Electricity:220V AC
weather sharm2

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Royal Savoy

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Four Seasons Resort

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Prices from £979 per person

Hyatt Regency

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Ritz Carlton

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Prices from £579 per person
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